Crystalens AO镜头是一种人造镜头植入物,可以治疗一个人的白内障和老花眼 - 镜片的覆盖或硬化,以及近乎和中间视觉的损失。Crystalenswas modeled after the human eye. Like the natural lens, it is a lens implant that uses the eye muscle to flex and accommodate in order to focus on objects in the environment at all distances.Crystalens动态调整您的视觉需求。许多患者在手术后玻璃的自由将有更多的自由度,但您仍然可能需要阅读眼镜,用于小印刷或其他视觉任务。

Crystalens AOis implanted during one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world. Over 3 million cataract surgeries are performed in the US every year.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The first FDA-approved accommodating intraocular lens - meaning that it uses the natural focusing ability of the eye
  • Crystalens AOwas inspired by the eye’s natural crystalline lens.
  • 与多焦点镜片不同,Crystalens AO将眼睛收到的所有可用光线指向单个焦点,以便您可以专注于所有距离的物体。

An Important Choice


  • Standard monofocal IOLsdeliver improved vision at just one distance, usually far.
  • Multifocal IOLsare designed to deliver improved vision for distance and near. However, some patients may experience some halos and glare when driving at night, and some patients have difficulty adjusting to their new vision.
  • CrystalensIOLsare designed to reduce your need for prescription glasses during your normal daily activities. Crystalens has flexible hinges that enable it to move and flex with your eye, in response to the eye's focusing muscle. Its movement is similar to the eye's natural lens.


Crystalensaccommodating posterior chamber intraocular lens (IOL) is for use in patients to improve uncorrected near, intermediate and far (distance) vision after cataract removal.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Your eye doctor will advise you about the potential risks and benefits of cataract removal and IOL implantation.

  • 如果您被诊断出患有任何眼部疾病,请告诉您的眼科医生。安全性和有效性Crystalens尚未在手术期间预先存在的眼睛条件和并发症的患者建立,例如眼压力或眼睛中糖尿病的并发症。白内障手术的结果将取决于手术前眼睛的健康。
  • 告诉你的眼科医生如果你有过屈光手术,如Lasik。安全性和有效性Crystalens尚未在先前的屈光外科患者中进行过研究。
  • 如果您在手术后有近视,远视或未矫正的散光,您需要戴眼镜,如果您必须长时间阅读或阅读小打印,可能需要戴上阅读眼镜。
  • 白内障手术的并发症范围从轻微,通常是临时副作用,威胁到视力的并发症。这些并发症非常罕见并包括但不限于:感染,出血和视网膜脱离。
  • Significant sight-threatening complications are extremely rare and include, but are not limited to: infection, hemorrhage, and retinal detachment. People with existing medical conditions such as diabetes and chronic eye infections are at a higher risk of developing complications. If theCrystalensIOL移动和铰链被卡住(称为拱顶),这通常会导致模糊的视觉。如果您的愿景变得模糊,请立即联系您的眼科医生。您可能需要额外的手术来重新定位或更换IOL,或治疗其他手术并发症。
  • The effectiveness of ultraviolet light absorbing lenses in reducing the incidence of retinal disorders has not been established. Therefore, you should wear sunglasses with UV 400 protection when in sunlight.
  • The long term safety and effectiveness of this lens have not been proven.

这不是你需要知道的。请看FDA患者信息手册for additional information and discuss any questions with your eye doctor.

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